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American families spend approximately two point three million dollars on paper towels per year and we use approximately 700 lbs. of paper towels per year.The designs are not just for enjoyment but to help better soak up water.Report abuse Transcript of PAPER TOWEL EXPERIMENT Arthur Scott got the idea for making paper towels from reading an article about about a teacher who was handing out soft paper to students who were suffering from colds.Terms Connect your Facebook account to Prezi and publish your likes in the future.Collect This Project. In this paper towel science project,.Papertowel experiment. purpose of this experiment was to see which paper towel brand was to able to hold the. was the strongest paper towel out of the.I thought that the structure of the paper towels would determine how much strength they had.

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Paper towels are a basic and important necessity to any hold.Science Projects on Which Paper Towel Is the Strongest. start your various tests to find the strongest paper towel. or tears from each brand of paper towel.

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Hypothesis:. we learned that VIVA is the strongest paper towel.Paper towels are used for cleaning, making lunches, drying things, and sometimes for eating on.Q. Which paper towel will absorb water spills more effectively and efficiently.It took a long time for paper towels to replace cloth used in households.

What is your hypothesis (your prediction about which paper towel will absorb the.Conclusion: I was able to conclude that my hypothesis was correct.

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To find out more about how we picked our favorites, be sure to check out how we tested paper towels.Hypothesis: The more expensive brand of toilet paper will absorb more water.

They are bleached to highlight their sanitation and hygiene factor and are made from recycled or virgin paper pulp.

To determine how paper towel strength varies with the cost of the paper towel.Almost all manufacturers of paper towels claim that their product is the strongest and absorbs water the.Connect your Facebook account to Prezi and let your likes appear on your timeline.Scott cut the paper into individual sections and rolled them into cylinders.

The most popular brands of paper towels are Bounty and Scott.

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Each brand of paper towel performed well against all the substances except.Nowadays, paper towels comes in more exciting patterns and themes from country crock to holiday happiness than just the boring color of white.After testing all of my products, Bounty was the strongest paper towel.HYPOTHESIS MATERIALS PROCEDURE Paper Towel Strength OBSERVATION CONCLUSION Better Than Cloth My hypothesis was that Bounty would be the strongest paper towel brand because it is said to be twice as strong as the leading brand of paper towels.

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Q. Which paper towel will absorb water spills more

Variety Find out which paper towel brand is the strongest with a penny experiment.

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Paper towels are easy to go through, a spill here and there and the next thing a new roll is needed.

Conclusions My results were that Bounty was the strongest brand of paper.

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The value of Bounty will result to be the strongest paper towel.

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Paper Towel Testing. Research is needed to determine which brand of paper towel really is the strongest.Paper towels have become an integral part of our every day lives.

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My hypothesis is that Bounty Paper Towel brand will absorb the most.A paper towel (or kitchen paper) is an absorbent towel made from tissue paper instead of cloth.

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Ms. Jackson Paper Towel Strength Test Every paper towel brand.They absorb as quickly as regular Bounty and hold in even more liquid.Life Relationships Parenting Pets Inspirational Stories Entertainment Career Money Travel.Brand of Towel Nickels Dimes Quarters Bounty 99 157 86 Brawny 72 150 73 Scott 85 137 77 Sparkle 98 137 73 Viva 99 157 84 Some paper towels held a lot of weight for longer periods of times than others.Science Projects on Which Paper Towel Is the Strongest. Science Projects on Which Paper Towel Is the Strongest.One roll of paper towels of each brand, Bounty, Brawny, Scott, Sparkle, and Viva.

Three (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr Paper towels are the second most used product in the tissue market other than toilet paper.


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The sources I used on my project were Bing, Google, Prezi.com, You Tube and Wikipedia BIBLIOGRAPHY Full transcript More presentations by.Reasons for hypothesis Materials Water, Bounty, Decorator towels,.Read our reviews to find the Best Paper Towels and compare photos, specs and user.

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