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In this essay I will discuss my philosophy of education, its background and influences, and its relationship to the.Philosophy comes from two Greek words, Philos (love) and Sophos (wisdom).My Philosophy of Education Essay.MY PHILOSOPHY OF EDUCATION As an educator, I believe my daily classroom interactions should.

My Educational Philosophy. By:. Leadership, Education and Development (LEAD) Facilitator Preparation Workbook, (1999) and Army Doctrine Reference Publication.

Education serves as a means of kids to gain a better perspective on the ever changing world around them.

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In my opinion based on the progressivism educational philosophy, the purpose of education is to enable students to learn useful knowledge that has meaning to them in the future.

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I want to teach my students in a way that will be interesting, understandable, and within reach of all children and their varying learning styles.As a teacher, it is my responsibility to encourage and support children in their academic explorations.Just like nurturing a plant, which requires enough water and sunlight, fertile soil, a fence to protect it from harm, and most of all a green thumb.I agree students learn best through real-world experiences which are meaningful to them.

This encompasses the theory and the process of achieving enlightenment or knowledge and understanding.I believe that accurate and constructive feedback helps students become independent learners.There should be no discrimination based on level of ability, because all students can be challenged at their own individual level and achieve success.

I want my students to learn to be able to think for themselves and be problem solvers that will be able to use these skills in real life situations.I believe that progressivism educational philosophy most closely matches my educational ideals.My personal philosophy of education includes beliefs in progressivism.My Philosophy of Education essaysI believe the purposes of education are necessary for the child to live a successful life.It is my aspiration to help children meet their fullest potential in developing their physical, intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life providing them a safe environment, productive stimulating atmosphere, and ideal interactions.Thus, the students and the teacher must work together to determine the curriculum.My philosophy is based on the idea that learning should involve real-life situations.As an educator, I believe my daily classroom interactions should always be centered on various philosophical principles and objective outcomes: which, I will detail and pass on as the essay progress.

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It was very tough to pick just one learning theory to base your teaching methods on.

Students have the right to be treated with respect and dignity for their ideas, skills, and stages of development.

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Title Length Color Rating: My Education Philosophy Essay - My Educational philosophy is defined in becoming a.

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The progressivist curriculum is peer centered, growth centered, action centered, process and change centered and community centered.I will impart to every child the better understanding that their capabilities should intertwine directly with each learning styles in the reinforcement of multiple intelligences.In order to be ready for the real world these children need to be taught about the real world they are growing into.

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My Philosophy of Education - Philosophy on Education In the beginning there were students. the students learned what they were to do and what not to.I believe just as Kneller, 1964 asserted that there are about 6 different types of knowledge as explained below.

Philosophy of Education Essay.Introduction: My personal philosophy of education is based around four fundamental ideas.I believe that every child has a unique character in the diversity of learning towards growth and development.

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When students understand the methods of learning they will be capable of learning useful and meaningful knowledge for the endurance of their lives.

As a teacher, I have the ability to stimulate new interests and help children reach their goals.Educational Leadership Philosophy. Incredible and moving, as I work on finishing my masters in Education to become an Administrator.As a matter of fact, communication is the way people share information.

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