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A Senator may serve as long as the voters of his (or her) state continue electing him.

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The voters really have the responsibility of who to choose to dictate and control their country.An example of this would be LBJ in the 1960s, as his knowledge and experience of both houses of congress allowed him to pass much more legislation than JFK ever could.

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No. Industry knowledge and experience in any field is the most valuable commodity for that industry.Leaders in congress should know when the time has come for them to step down from their positions, and let somebody new into the world of Congress.Seniority helps with the idea of maintaining past traditions and ideals, it keeps us from running too far from our roots.Longer-serving legislators with years of experience are more effective than less-experienced representatives.Ted Cruz, R-Texas, to introduce term limits to members of Congress.Senior members of congress have more political knowledge and, with few junior members joining the house each year, the experience of the older members enhances the knowledge of congress each year.

Overall as whole I do feel that there is more reasoning behind approving term limits for members of Congress because of the outweigh of positive effects that would happen if amendment was approved.When their dictators serve for a long time or even life, the country goes downhill to the point that the leader gets killed by rebels.It just causes conflict.Formal name of the nation Articles The United States of America Constitution from HISTORY 170 at Orange. six for Senators Term limit for legislative office.Article V of the U.S. Constitution: What It Says, What It Means.

This chart shows the states with term limits and also those that have had term limits repealed or held unconstitutional.A term limit is a legal restriction that limits the number of terms an officeholder may serve in a particular elected office.Our leaders, particularly in the House of Reps, spend far too much time running for re-election.

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Also limiting powers makes it easier for people to choose whom to vote for based on the congress members past activities.I would suggest to limit terms on congress, the fact is many people in politics tend to make it, basically a career.Without actual proof or someone to speak up to the seniority there can only be assumption.The development of experience in United States politics is essential for creating strong politicians who could possibly move up to the level of president, and to ensure that strong commitee and speaker leadership is circulated throughout Congress to ensure that debates and votes go quickly and efficiently to prevent gridlock.

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For some reason Americans have not done the same thing when it comes to term limits for congressman and senators.In my personal opinion, i feel that there is an immense importance for the congressman to have term limits.

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While some pundits claim that imposing term limits on Congress will help cure many of its ills, evidence from states that have already adopted such measures actually.

Representatives would be more inclined to do what is right for their constituencies and the country, as opposed to what is popular.I believe the election process should not require the amount of money that has become involved.Come January, the Michigan Senate will be the place to find out.Depending on the presidency and after the maximum terms are up then it should evaluated by congress and the people whether that individual should continue to be president or not.

Term Elected for 6 year terms No term limit----Strom Thurmond of South. called for the direct election of senators.Find breaking news, commentary, and archival information about Term Limits From The schurz-southbendtribune.