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Consider the fact that some of my closest friends include Lawrence, an all-conference varsity basketball player, Peng, a human biology major whose parents moved here from China and is fluent in Mandarin, and Carl, an extremely conservative Latino interning this summer at the Heritage Foundation.Ten years after California outlawed affirmative action in college admissions, the campus continues to debate about the place of race in higher education and the mission of the university.Assuming that the egotism of the American college student is unchanged, how does this translate to the status shift of college in our society.That is not to say that my generation cannot and does not learn from our parents and their accomplishments.

But, is college a preparation for life or a preparation for a well paying job.Today, the news is largely absent of the disturbing sights of Iraq, and as a result, the war has become sanitized.They are home to a lively and sharp-elbowed political discourse.But in reality, we already know it: the civil rights movement, the Feminist revolution, and the Vietnam War were all famous backdrops for the student activism of those years.As anyone familiar with organizational behavior knows, it is a widely-accepted theory that any one department can exhibit the symptoms of a problem that involves multiple players.As individual views vary, answers are not provided for this category.Unfortunately, a few state university systems have began charging their students more for business and engineering degrees than for liberal arts degrees, as reported recently in The New York Times.Given the trend toward globalization, colleges have also improved their study abroad programs and a greater percentage of students now study abroad during their college experience.The college experience has been at the heart of national issues other than affirmative action, particularly regarding First Amendment free speech.

I will be a Junior at Stanford this fall, and the best part of my experience so far has been the ability to meet and interact with an amazing array of people.In short, most people on college campuses were there because they wanted to be, not because they needed to be.A high school graduate, for instance, can seldom support a family of four as was common through the sixties, leaving a college degree more valuable than a generation ago.College mattered in 1945 when I enrolled in a state college in Pennsylvania that was predominately black.Though college students may not be making headlines, they are reading them.Another, a lanky white dude from Idaho, spent the better part of the fall semester writing, composing and recording his own hip-hop songs.Lots of emphasis was placed on lady-like and gentlemanly behavior.The take home message, though, is that college is still poised to play an important role in society.

But the media often gives us an extremely biased version of the events occurring.Most young adults see higher education as an investment that will eventually lead to financial independence and a better life.We need students who are tough enough to handle the transition period from college student to working professional where only a handful will be rewarded with the job they spent their university years working towards.

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Indifference was shucked off when the situation reached a sufficient pitch.At the age of 20, and friend and I talked our way into a food importers convention in San Francisco without paying and spent the night drinking free cocktails with trade representatives from the European Union.My husband and I moved across the country from Georgia to California.Perhaps we are all just ignorant of how great things used to be, but none of our parents have noticed the problem either.

Another reason that popular culture does not celebrate education and college life is that most of the celebrities who dominate popular culture today either never attended college or never graduated.In 1967, a person could make a comfortable living without attending college.But, one ought to be able to accept the present on its own terms, and be able to look at what exists without preconceptions.Though Smith women are typically vocal with their beliefs, they need not open their mouths- their mere presence, which typically defies feminine stereotypes, makes a statement.Bank health has improved since 2011, when the Federal Reserve began its stress tests, but deregulation threatens the progress.

Send a bright, talented kid off to school and fill his head with philosophical drivel from Hammurabi to William James.

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But that expression is real and not an ideal as it is in the post-college world.Students are able to find their passions in college and apply their ideas for change.In 1943, millions of soldiers were fighting and dying World Beyond Nigeria Load More Newsletter The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now.This passivity, however, has not developed from a lack of awareness.When leaders of our student government pursued an unpopular agenda last fall, the primary vehicle for counter-mobilization was Facebook, an online networking site.

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Within walking distance or a free bus ride from campus, you can go to poetry slams, independent cinema, the best food in the world, live music beautiful hiking trails in the hills, and blessedly cheap bars.College will always be a time where students create their identities, form idealistic opinions inside and outside the classroom, and engage in political battles and protests.Formal training and higher education are far too important to be pampering students through their university studies.The best gift that anyone who cares about my generation could give to us is the space to create our own identities and to find our own causes.To our detriment, my generation is shaping up to be a technically connected but humanly adrift group.I am still not able to call my teachers by their first names even though I am twice their age.Campuses are identified more by social stereotypes, parental concerns, and whether or not this school will get you on the fast track to a dream job.

But it is also true that that generation never liked being told that they were wasting their college education on their protests and politics or that they were not the type of students their parents envisioned.Once that personal pressure dissipates, we could accomplish more, not just for ourselves, but for the country, just like our parents did.We are not about to turn back the liberation of minorities and women or to reenact oppressive cultural mores.

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But I also have friends who think about more than their resumes.Then came the first of January, that beautiful day when all my applications were submitted and the whole to-do was out of my hands at last.Search (untitled). so I swung by my mailbox in the editorial room for my recommendation letter from.Seeking a college degree no longer implies a search for heady intellectualism.Now, by the time the average student has arrived on campus, he or she has taken so many standardized tests (PSSAs, PSATs, SATs, ACTs, SAT IIs) both for the state and for college admission, written so many college essays, taken entrance exams, completed graduation projects, that college no longer feels like a privilege.