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I would suggest opening your essay with a story of parents opening up a report card and freaking out over a C grade, then go into your thesis statement arguing that parents should stay calm because all that stress is just going to make the student feel defeated.A thesis statement presents the main idea, goal, or argument of your essay.Students all around the hook,. and the right topic sentence or sentences of mastering the.

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How to write hook sentences. are used to hook the sentences are called hook. can be helpful while writing hook sentences for an essay. at.Hey, I am writing a argumentative essay for my English class but I am stuck on the hook.I am not experienced in writing essays let alone an argumentative essay.Did something very profound happen in your history that shaped your desire to go into this field.According to ancient Greek belief, the law of the gods was the rule of the land.There are different ways you can find an example of a hook sentence.I suggest you sign up for the 14 hook sentences examples using the little slider box at the bottom right corner of this webpage.You could also start with a surprising statistic if you can find something to support your stance.

My suggestion would be to start with an anecdote about the terrifying day you found out your mom was diagnosed with cancer, or perhaps with a setting, bringing the reader in to spend a day in the life of the young you dealing with a mother who is not well.Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 1,331,903 times.Or maybe, you can talk about how much time people spend on social media each day.These types of publications know the importance of getting readers hooked.Then, your essay will help to show how that crisis could have been avoided by implementing your chosen habit.Im going to write my personal essay telling a story about how I became hard working after a study failure.

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Maybe you can bring to life some element of the setting that you will be discussing in your paper by providing a vivid 1-2 sentence description.

You could start with a quote from one of the stories that drops the reader right into the journey.While facts may be interesting, they do not introduce the reader to your paragraph nor do they draw the reader in.Also, here is a great post about writing a literary analysis, which actually works for other works such as film and yes, even commercials.

I would start with an anecdote for this one, recounting an experience where a woman felt minimized in the workplace.You could start with one of his famous quotes (a quick Google search will lead you to some gems) that really sums up the rhetoric, which you can probably see being used in other hate groups as well.Or you could argue the opposite and state that surveillance is good and necessary because it protects us from things like terrorism and crime.

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If you are arguing against, you could start with statistics from studies like this one ( ) that show that the improvements that students achieve in grades as a result of getting paid are actually pretty minimal.An insightful and apt quote about nature could be the way to go here.Use the opening sentence to portray an emotion to your reader.Let me make a suggestion, I think we should go the other way through the enchanted forest.We should have a suggestion box.

Is without asking a question to get your reader interested in the topic of your writing.As it stands right now, you could go in 101 different directions.You can use this tool to create a compare-and-contrast thesis.Finally, you need to figure out what is important to your audience.

Learn how to write a hook (attention-getting intro) for an essay.

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Getting the attention of a college professor is going to be a vastly different task than getting the attention of a group of stay-at-home moms, for example.

You should be able to make your intentions clear without stating them explicitly.If you are new to writing topic sentences, it can help to look at some examples.I am writing about nature vs nurture and the influences it has on children development.I would suggest dropping your reader into one of those moments of homesickness.This can help you understand the best style to use for your essay and how you can utilize personal ideas.I am writing an argumentative essay about the show 16 and pregnant preventing or promoting teen pregnancy.Whether you give facts, opinions, or both, you should be clearly analyzing them in the paragraph attached to the topic sentence.But when it comes time to KO your readers, this post will give you four simple steps to help you craft your perfect hook.

You could perhaps open with a story about someone famous or well known who made it big thanks to a strong athletics department at his or her school.A quote from a third party about heroism (or tragic heroism, in particular) could also work here.It may depend on how creative the writer was trying to be when creating the content, so be on the lookout.A typical format would go: 1. hook sentence, 2. background information, 3. thesis statement.If you are writing in first-person, you can tell a story about how a small change improved your life.

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So choose a story that you can tell in a couple of sentences and that will draw your reader in.A good hook sentence will use only the right words and will be as polished and refined as possible.