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Journal of Peace Research Replication Data. 742 journal of PEACE RESEARCH 49(5) Downloaded from at VASSAR COLLEGE LIBRARY on November 28, 2012.

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Joshi, Madhav, and Jason Michael Quinn. Journal of Peace Research 52(4): 551-562.Replication Data Butcher,. In press. File Size: 1839 kb:.

Journal of Peace Research 49(5). PCJ DATA. PCJ dataset and Replication Data for JPR Article.

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Journal of Peace Research Replication Data. 786 journal of PEACE RESEARCH 49(6) Downloaded from at Harvard Libraries on November 24, 2012.

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Full the full replication data of the Journal of Peace Research article, see.

Download manuscript and data for replication. Journal of Peace Research 40:...Peer Review and Replication Data: Best Practice from Journal of Peace Research. online-only scholarly research journal of.

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Johnson and Michael Spagat and Sean Gourley and Jukka-pekka Onnela and Gesine Reinert and Neil F.Established in 1964, the Journal of Peace Research. issued a joint data replication.Journal of Peace Research Replication Data. duration. journal of. journal of Journal of Peace Research Journal Journal of Peace Research.

Our replication data have been posted at www. based on submission data for Journal of Peace Research for the period 1983.

Journal of Peace Research Replication Data Additional services and information for Journal of Peace Research can be found at:.Replication Data (in comma separated variables format) Primary Commodity Exports and Civil War. Journal of Peace Research 41, 3 (May 2004),.

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Brian J. Phillips. Research. Stata replication data and do-file. 2017. Journal of Peace Research 52 (1): 62-75. Paper.

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