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Violent video game play is linked to. whether violent video games cause people to. amount of violence the games contain.But violent video games seem to have no effect on behavior,. the most each day were the likeliest to have behavioral problems,.An essay example below explains that violent video games is not a cause of aggression. aggressive behavior stems from.Especially now as I finish another school term is ending and I being bomb barbed by papers and finals.

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More information For more about video games and teens, visit the Palo Alto Medical Foundation.So every thing they do in the game like killing or stealing, they could do it in real.In the study, researchers looked at 217 teens, 110 males and 107 females, and examined both their video game-playing habits and their personalities as judged by their teachers.For people who do act out aggressively, the results can be deadly.

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This is because, nowadays even if you do not own a game console, one can play most of the video games online, as long as one has access to the internet or a local network.Missouri in April that found violent video games did not cause gamers with.As of 2001, research studies showed that over 79% of American teens actively played video games.

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Did violent video games cause two high school students to kill innocent student.Additionally, if video games do cause youth to be violent, then one would expect juvenile violent crime to.

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But before we start passing the baton to violence in video games for the cause of violent behavior, ask yourself, is violence in video games really the cause of violent.Violence in video games should not be blamed for violent behavior because video games act as stress reliever, there are other forms of media which have their share of violence, parents who fail at raising their children and even despite these reasons, and studies have been proven to show there is no link between violence and video games.

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People play video games for a variety of reasons, some play video games for the sheer of fun their game has to offer, others play for the competition in their games whether it be a local game tournament or online against others, to some it is a pastime or hobby, and one of the most common reasons found among gamers is that it is a good stress reliever.According to ABC news they have not proven the violent video games cause behavior problem.Children learn very fast and act like what they see in video games.

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According to CNN news the child who spends more than four hours playing violent video games their became a violent person, because their interacts with game.

Craig Anderson, director of the Center for the Study of Violence at Iowa State University, has a different view.Finally, always make sure that you include some fact-based internet sources too.I believe that what you watch on television, the people you hang with, and the games you play can effects one behavior whether negatively or positively.Do violent video games make people. that virtual violence is a cause in. over the methodology of studying the behavioral effects of video games,.Defenders of violent video games argue that the research has failed to show a causal link between video games and real-world violence.

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Could violent video game cause behavior problems in children and adults.Transcript of Do Violent Video Games Cause Behavior Problems. is that violent video games do cause violent behavior.

I believe that violent video games do cause behavior problems. Violent video games do NOT cause behaviour problems.Questions about personal health should always be referred to a physician or other health care professional.