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PoliticalAfter the first world war Canada started to become more independent from the British empire.Saved essays Save your essays here so you can locate them quickly.Having gained political equality, Paul insisted, women no longer required special legal protection.Shop the selection 1920s style clothing and fashion at ModCloth.Keywords: flappers fashion essay, world war flappers, women fashion flappers.

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But even after adopting new trends and getting into the workforce, the women were still dominated by the men.Women in the nineteenth century were nothing more than housewives and mothers.It neatly recognizes that although America may be a single nation, it is also one originally made up of immigrants who arrived not only from Europe and Asia, but forcibly as slaves from Africa and of Native Americans.They gained liberties in all aspects such as marriage, politics, jobs and even self expression, along with various other features.

Our clothing developed a closer relationship to art by the end of the First World War (the roaring 20s).Revolutionary fashions during the 1920s made it acceptable for women to.The seven new states in Europe all had a republican form of government.Basically, it requires all of the young generations especially children, who are free from physically disability,.

New non-protestant immigrants like Jews and Catholics had been arrived in their masses from.And finally, the successful flight of Charles Lindbergh brought world wide interest to the flying industry.The 20s was one of the premier decades in influencing women to be the more independent and powerful people.The twenties were a time of contradiction where things were changing after the war.The sexual activeness as well as other social interaction increased in the ( 1920 ), with the use of automobiles. There were.The styles were more based on comfort and having a fresh start after World.Being isolated in their own homes, getting married and having children was no longer the only option.

The discussed in the present essay is the first wave of feminism that was also taking place in that time.This amendment proposed to eliminate all legal distinctions of sex.

Some of examples of sports that have not changed a lot are hockey, baseball and the Olympics.However you look at it, the 1920s was a decade that made life better for women in terms of political and personal freedom.Automobile production and sales fueled the economy and created an item that remains the centerpiece of daily life.

The women of the 1910s upheld the traditional values set forth by earlier Americans, while the women of the 1930s matured as the Roaring Twenties came crashing down.Women were not given the same opportunities as men because it was believed that women could not tolerate as much work as a man.Unfortunately, women still remained largely excluded from most areas of public life.Put together, all of these contributed to a new way of thinking about what it meant to be a woman and a citizen in the United States.

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Hope things are going well with you, at the same time there were many things that I adopted to the change as well as others getting the fashion change.

The magazines and movies played a very big part of shaping up things for us as ladies.Barnstormers would perform stunts at air shows and attract large crowds, however their daredevil approach achieved mixed results. The U.S. government also brought attention to aviation but their approach was very different.Langston Hughes, a famous African American poet and author, wrote many poems describing the treatment of African Americans and their struggle to survive.