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Companies that have significant ending work in process inventories in their departments must assign product costs to unfinished units. Consider.the Assembly Department in the previous example.Costs flow through these accounts in sequence, just as the units on an assembly line move from one production process to the next.

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Accounting for Material, Labor, and Applied Overhead Each Work in Process account is charged (debited) for the materials used, direct labor, and overhead that relate to that.

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Help with Assignments is a reputed scholastic services providing portal and Accounting becomes easier with Accounting Homework Help.Assume also that this department cut enough material to manufacture 10,000 units of product, and that the cut materials were transferred to the Assembly Department.

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Thus. for those 1.000 units, 100% of the trim materials were added in March.The term accounting is very important for every business and organization.

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Coil Flow from One Process to the Next Units in production pass from one process to the next.For example, only those materials that require cutting are charged to the Cutting Department.